Swinging HTML Forms

With the coming of xml powerful language the somewhat tedious task of building java swing UI has increasingly been shifted to use xml . A multitude of xml to swing libraries have been developed to ease the task of swing application development .probably the most popular library is -IMHO- the open source project swixml.
However I was surprised there exist very few Java libraries for converting HTML forms to swing. I would agree that HTML is a complex language and that writing a HTML to swing converter would fall in the range of writing a Java swing browser -Not A trivial task anyway-. Yet I’m convinced that there should be a simple java library to convert a sub-set of HTML – HTML forms- into swing application.
The only open source library I could find for this task was the swingx-ws project. Richard Bair has an Excellent article Web Swinging on this subject. The HTML Forms section of his article is especially interesting and gives an Insight on how a simple HTML forms to swing converter would look like.
I used swingx-ws library in one of my projects. However I felt that their JXHtmlForm class is fairely simplistic. It would Not correctly render all Kinds of HTML forms regarding the complexity of HTML language. I Managed however to extend the swingx-ws html form parser and JXHtmlForm class to meet my own project requirements.
swingx-ws’s JXHtmlForm class is a good example of a simple HTML forms to swing converter.