Eclipse Helios Crash on Linux

I have eclipse Helios installed in a opensuse 10.3 box. it seems the eclipse editor keeps crashing eclipse application every time i type a dot ‘.’ to access object methods.
if you experience same problem you can try the following two fixes:

  • if you don’t have xulrunner package then install it (example using Yast2 in opensuse).
    make sure you only install latest xulrunner version. if you install two different xulrunner versions in your linux OS the two versions might conflict and cause eclipse to crash again. this was my problem. when i removed old xulrunner 191 and only kept xulrunner 192 then eclipse helios stops crashing and works well.
  • The second fix (that doesn’t require to install xulrunner but seamonkey) is to specify to the Java VM the location of xulrunner .
    To do this :
    1-Edit file : ~/eclipse/eclipse.ini
    2- add the following text below the ‘-vmargs’ line :


    For further information on this second fix see this thread discussion.