Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems | MIT Technology Review

The following article is in my view one of the Most Interesting Read I’ve been able to read since years. A very thoughtful article by the editor in chief and the publisher of MIT Technology Review in person : Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems | MIT Technology Review.

This article was thoughtfully written and the author was successful in tackling the issue from many angles. However some replies to this article disappointed me as i saw many are having unrealistic illusions about the power of technology and science. That’s why i wrote my comment that i quote below:

My education and career were mainly scientific and i believe in the power and utility of science and technology .However i think that technology is not the ultimate solution for human kinds. it gives us some power but man has always abused and misused this power and rarely technology has brought happiness to the human kind.

The Big Problems that we need to solve are Greed, Arrogance, Abuse of power , hatred and selfishness. our big problems have nothing to do with technology. technology gives us tools and gadgets to help us live better and do things more easily. But it doesn’t solve the most hard problem of humans: their bad nature and ego which is the real cause of all our troubles in this world.

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