Java's Age of Anxiety

The collapse of Sun Inc. , steward of Java technology, was a saddening and frightening event. After Oracle bought Sun and addressed java community with their optimistic plans for advancing Java; most community looked forward for happier times. they hoped that java developers lives would return to normal after the trauma of Sun collapse. they hoped that once again Java development would make sense in the familiar pre-Oracle terms of openness, community participation and freedom. These hopes were in vain. The Break of Sun, dismantling of multiple open source java/Sun based projects and the patent war that waged between giant software building competitors had mangled too many things beyond repair. Java Development would no longer fit neatly into the old molds.
Great numbers of us feel themselves increasingly adrift in a strange , uncertain and uncontrollable world. even the father of Java has expressed these same feelings in very similar words : Quite the firestorm!. No doubt Java is living now in an age of anxiety, an age of continual crisis.

In fact i used Java as an example to express a wider and broader sentiment of the return of the so called Age of Anxiety. In almost every area of human experience today , people are searching for ways to put meaning back into life. am i the only one who have this sentiment? or is it a realistic fact?
I hate to be pessimistic but that’s how i see the world today ;and i hope deeply I’m wrong.

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