OpenOffice Chart2 API Not Yet Ready !

I always thought is a pretty good piece of software but I just feel that SUN has taken the wrong approach with their development. Their effort on Netbeans is miles better.

As I was working on an OOo chart extension project, I was disappointed by SUN reluctance on the com:sun:star:chart2 API. OOo chart component experts said that it is not official and they may want to change something later. However, I feel that SUN should get their act together. They have been playing with the com:sun:star:chart2 API for more than 3 years and it is still not ready. This is very sloppy for an active open source project Like !

I do not agree with SUN approach regarding the development of com:sun:star:chart2 API. Consider that you are building a car, you need to do a lot of road test to ensure that the car would behave properly. SUN is building a car behind close door, it is never a good idea. Surely, there will be changes in the course of the chart2 development, but I do not think that it would matter too much if it is done properly. After more than 3 years of development and chart2 is still not ready for use is very poor performance for a open source project.

A standard OHLC chart could be drawn on OOo perfectly. OOo could draw the OHLC chart but could not combine it with other line charts in the same graph .

What I needed is a way to modify the code so that it could superimpose charts with same coordinate system to appear on the same graph. The com:sun:star:chart API is very rigid on the chart type so I needed to develop new chart type to take care of these needs and it is not flexible to use this approach.The com:sum:star:chart2 API appears to be the answer as it has the infrastructure in place to allow you to draw more than one chart-type on the same graph under the same coordinate system.

It is obvious that SUN knows about the problem on chart1 therefore they have developed chart2. However, for some strange reason, they could not release it. Probably due to some bugs in the system and it appears that only a handful of people have participated in the development.

In my next column I will describe an algorithm that uses com:sun:star:chart2 API to combine a candle chart and line chart in same graph.

Additional Resources : Wiki Chart2